Crack Me Open

by Baretrees



"Crack Me Open" is a 2010 single from Toronto rock group's "Baretrees".


That's why they crack me open,
That's why they crack me open,
To get inside.

That's why they cracked me open,
To get to the bottom,
To get to all that hides.

That's why they pull the heart strings,
That's why they pull on my heart strings like that you see.
That's the other half of me.

Heaven knows me,
And I know they'll let you in.
Keeps on throwing you and I for loops.
Don't know where you are.
You got me so low down and so far from where you are.

When can we reconcile things?
Discover we can,
Pull away the heart strings.
Discover me ma'am,
Forget about the old king.
Crack up and dance,
Dance around the ring.

That's the other half of me.

Heaven knows me and I know they'll let you in,
But you keep no-showing,
Goin' to that bar across town.
Don't know where you are.
If I could crack you open, that would be a start.

And then we can reconcile things.
Discover we can,
Lay upon our heart strings.
We can't have two plans,
We'll sit down and just think.
A perfect chance to crack open a few cans.
Crack and do the old dance,
I leave it all in your hands.


released September 21, 2010
Martin Foote: vocals/guitars
James Bennett: bass
Ben Munger: guitars
Luke Scheer: drums

Lyrics by Martin Foote



all rights reserved


Baretrees Toronto, Ontario

BARETREES hailed from Toronto, having taken on multiple musical identities over the years.

The quartet drew from a rich and diverse array of musical influences, producing fresh melodies that soar over dense, "classic" rock grooves in their live shows as well as recorded material available here.
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