Blind Action

by Baretrees



"Blind Action" is the debut EP by Toronto rock group, Baretrees. It contains four original works, written by Martin Foote.


released June 1, 2008

Martin Foote: vocals/guitars
James Bennett: basses/12 string guitar on "Harriet"
Luke Scheer: drums/percussion
Jordan Foote: electric guitars



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Baretrees Toronto, Ontario

BARETREES hailed from Toronto, having taken on multiple musical identities over the years.

The quartet drew from a rich and diverse array of musical influences, producing fresh melodies that soar over dense, "classic" rock grooves in their live shows as well as recorded material available here.
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Track Name: Harriet
Oh, lifeguard
There's someone in the water
And I'm not trying to tell you how to do the job, no.
But I wondered if you saw her.
Well, she fell right in.
Can you imagine?

What a fall to take
Whether it was real or carefully staged.
Could have been a big mistake.

Oh, baby.
There's something in the air, love.
And I'm not trying to tell you how to be you,
But aren't you getting scared some?

Can it be my time?
During this high tide?
What a fall to take.
It's easier to fall in too late.
Finish up what's on your plate.

Can it be my time?
Oh, Harriet.

Oh, Harriet
You say it's all upstairs, love.
But you won't even try to help me reach it.
And I'm not sure that I care, love.
Can it be our time?
During this heat?

In the fall,
It might break.
Whether it was real,
Or beautifully faked.
Oh, Harriet, for heaven's sakes.

Can it be my time?